Executive Protection


Our Executive Protection Agents are thoroughly trained in corporate, executive, celebrity and dignitary protection. Many of our Agents have prior career experience as Executive Protection Agents, Chauffeurs, Hospitality Security, Industrial and Private Estate protection. Our Agents go through over 96 hours of annual training related to their duties. In addition to their training, our Agents maintain an ideal physique and have the utmost integrity.

Bottom Line, Discreet, Professional, Personal Protection.

Event Security


We have a team of professional security guards who not only can identify small things such as hand gestures and shifty eye movements but can also handle intoxicated patrons. You are well aware that any substance that alters a person will cause issues at your venue. Our Security Guards have comprehensive training that specializes on interacting with people under the influence of alcohol and illicit substances. Our Security Guards are trained on everything from active shooter situations to physical altercations. With our security team in place, you are in good hands and we will represent you in a positive manner.

Real Estate Security


Real Estate protection is a growing area. We hear too often of squatters, vandalism, robbery, assaults and home invasions on the news. This is an area of concern because far too many of our families and friends are being affected by this spike in crime.

We offer our Armed and Unarmed Security Guards to observe, deter, and protect against violent crime. Our team knows that you value privacy, security, and protection; everything that Four Peaks Security can offer you.

Hospitality Security


Our passion for Hospitality Security comes from our background in the Service and Hospitality industries. We provide security guards who have hospitality-sensitive training to our clients. Our guards undergo special training modules focusing on guest interaction, emergency response procedures, intoxicated persons and crisis management.

In addition to Security Staff, Four Peaks Security maintains a team of investigators that are able to conduct internal, external, and undercover investigations if requested.

Executive Transportation


For our VIP & Executive Transportation, we have a fleet of Luxury Vehicles that we use with our Armed or Unarmed Agents who will accompany you to and from your destinations. We cover events such as; Weddings, Parties, Press Conferences, Airport Transportation, Concerts, etc. We can customize our services to fit your needs.

Construction Security


Construction sites are easy targets of opportunity for thieves stealing tools, copper wiring, fuel, heavy machinery, and scrap metal. When you leave the job site you want to know that those materials and tools will be there when you return. That’s where we come in. Four Peaks Security can offer you 24/7 security coverage at your construction site.

Our Security Guards have construction site and OSHA specific training. These Security Guards won’t be just the run of the mill guard. These are seasoned professional who know how to look for those individuals or vehicles that are out of the ordinary. We provide everything from Armed to Unarmed services for your site. Contact us below to get in touch with our Executive Team.

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